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From: Randall Smith <rsmith at stopcorporateabuse.org>

Hi folks,

The New Organizing Institute just released the Organizing Toolbox - a
resource of training materials for organizing.

Topics include: Creating a Theory of Change, Public Narrative, Relationship
Building, and Building Leadership Teams. The training materials include
participant guides, slide presentations, trainers notes and videos of others
leading the training.


At Corporate Accountability International we'll be incorporating these
materials into our training of staff organizers and activist leaders.  I
think these materials would also be useful for folks teaching community
organizing in the classroom.

More details are below and at: http://neworganizing.com/toolbox/



Hi Friend,

[image: Check out the free
been at RootsCamp DC all weekend, talking about progressive organizing with
1,000 organizers from around the country (and even other countries!). It's
been an amazing time, and I wanted to share something really cool with you.

*The New Organizing Institute just released the Organizing
It's a set of training materials for progressives, drawn from the work of
some of America's premiere organizers like Marshall Ganz and tested in the
field for more than 60 years. You can download presentations, participant
guides and trainer's notes for key topics like crafting Public Narrative,
building Leadership Teams, and creating a Theory of Change. You can even
watch videos of top trainers teaching the material. And it's all free.

If we're going to win as progressives, we need to build powerful, authentic
campaigns that engage people as whole people to create communities dedicated
to change. This is a powerful blueprint to build those campaigns, and I'm
sure that it will help your work in the coming year.

Randall Smith
Corporate Accountability International
(617) 695-2525 office
(617) 259-7214 cell

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