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  From: "Chris Tilly" <ctilly at irle.ucla.edu>

The Ford Foundation is seeking applications and nominations for the 
position of Program Officer for Promoting Next Generation Workforce 
Strategies in the Quality Employment unit. We would be grateful for your 
assistance in this recruitment and ask that you give us your suggestions 
of qualified candidates or that you pass this information on to those 
who might be interested in the position or know of such individuals.

SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: The Program Officer will develop, monitor and 
coordinate grant making activities in the field of workforce 
development. Building on prior Foundation work, the portfolio will focus 
on consolidating the progress achieved in assisting people with marginal 
attachment to the U.S. labor market, including immigrants and first 
generation residents, in obtaining sustainable wage employment and 
livelihoods. The Program Officer will be a key member of the Quality 
Employment Unit, whose mission is to help low-wage workers reach 
economic self-sufficiency.

The work would include: working with stakeholders in the workforce 
development system – including government entities, community colleges, 
training providers, community-based organizations, funders, and 
organized labor – to make it more effective and responsive to the needs 
of disadvantaged populations; helping to increase the capacity of worker 
centers to develop training initiatives and connect their members to 
established training providers like community colleges; supporting 
innovations that increase the effectiveness and ability of training 
programs to better deliver workforce development services to low-wage 
workers; and supporting research and policy analysis on workers, 
employers, low-wage jobs, labor markets, best practices, replication and 
scaling up of activities that improve the lives and working conditions 
of low-wage workers.

The Program Officer will review the current status of the field, as well 
as the status of grants in the recently developed initiative Promoting 
the Next Generation Workforce Strategies; formulate plans and propose 
any new grant making strategies; solicit, review, and respond to grant 
proposals; prepare recommendations for Foundation funding; and work with 
other foundation staff to develop learning strategies on issues related 
to labor market conditions and the role of policy in creating 
opportunities for low-income families to move toward economic 
self-sufficiency. The Program Officer will be expected to provide 
intellectual leadership in the field of workforce development/employment 
and poverty alleviation, and also as part of a team working closely with 
other Program Officers throughout the Foundation whose work relates to 
the central mission of the portfolio. The Program Officer also is 
expected to develop and maintain a close working relationship with 
existing and potential grantees; and collaborate broadly with scholars 
and practitioners, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, 
and other donors on issues of common program concern. Working closely 
with the Director of the unit and the program Vice President, the 
Program Officer will have the opportunity to further refine the current 
grant making strategy and to ensure that the strategy is at the cutting 
edge of workforce activities in the twenty-first century.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Significant experience working with 
marginalized groups in the labor force, including immigrants, first 
generation residents, and others with weak labor force ties. 
Demonstrated understanding of the economic and policy environment facing 
these workers and the capacity to develop innovative workforce 
strategies that are flexible and responsive to their needs. Excellent 
analytical, organizational, financial analysis, and oral and written 
communication skills; a strong desire to achieve impact; and a proven 
record of achieving change. A graduate degree in a related field is 
highly preferred as is fluency in a language spoken by one or more major 
immigrant groups in the United States.

Location: New York City

Salary is based on experience and on the Foundation’s commitment to 
internal equity. An attractive benefits package is provided.

Applicants should visit www.fordfoundation.org/employment and submit 
their application materials (consisting of substantive cover letter and 
C.V.) by January 10, 2011.

Equal employment opportunity and having a diverse staff are fundamental 
principles at The Ford Foundation, where employment and promotional 
opportunities are based upon individual capabilities and qualifications 
without regard to race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual 
orientation/affectional preference, age, national origin, marital 
status, citizenship, disability, veteran status or any other protected 
characteristic as established under law.

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