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  From: Regina Martinez <news at piconetwork.org>

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Good news. Yesterday, at the request of youth leading the fight to pass
the DREAM Act, Senator Reid agreed to hold open a vote on the
legislation until sometime next week. This is a good thing because it
gives us a few more days to win bi-partisan support in the Senate.

In the next few days it is critical that we redouble our efforts to
reach Senators who are still on the fence. The two most important things
we can do are:

(1) Encourage religious leaders to make public statements and
participate in vigils and other public events that ask Senators to
support the DREAM Act as a good thing for our nation.

(2) Continue to put calls from clergy and lay persons directly into our
Senators. (1-866-945-0566)

If you have friends in Florida , Ohio , Texas , Alaska , Arizona ,
Illinois , Maine , Utah , Nevada and Kansas, please forward this message
to them and ask them to call their Senators and urge their religious
leaders to speak out publicly in support of DREAM.

To support your efforts, we are sending an updated flyer


that you can distribute in your congregations this weekend, plus a
sample clergy letter


to Senators. And here is a great new statement


from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on
Migration Chairman, Archbishop Jose H. Gomez. More PICO resources on
DREAM are available here



The naysayers in Washington, DC did not think we'd even get a vote in
the House, let alone win with big bipartisan support. Now we need to
show them that with our faith in God and the goodness of our nation, we
can pass the DREAM Act and give our immigrant youth the chance for a
brighter future.


Regina Martinez

Gordon Whitman

PICO National Staff

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