[COMM-ORG] query: Overcoming Technology Barriers in Community Organizing

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From: Peter Miller <peterm at igc.org>

Khyati et al, the Community Technology Centers' Network (www.ctcnet.org) 
was a national organization working with community orgs to set up CTCs, 
technology access and training centers, specifically for low-income, 
low-literacy communities and populations that would not otherwise have 
effective access to emerging technologies.  CTCNet worked with, among 
other projects, the digital divide network that supported a zip-code 
searchable database of more than 20,000 programs across the country.

While neither organization is currently active, the "CTC Start-Up" 
manual is still available from the home page, directly at 
http://ctcnet.org/what/resources/startup_manual.htm.  There are enough 
CTC-type programs around that it's worth making inquiries about what may 
be nearby and could possibly be of service.  As the founding network 
director for CTCNet, I'd be glad to offer advice and assistance to any 
of you needing help in pursuing the best options for the situation 
you're facing.  Good luck, ----peter miller (peterm at igc.org)

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> From: Khyati Desai<KDesai at PointsofLight.org>
> Hello,
> I oversee a program that is based on asset based community development
> and building community from the inside out. Some of our sites are
> wondering how they can overcome the lack of access many under-resourced
> communities have to technology in order to empower them to create local
> change. Does any one have tools or resources that can help?
> Thanks,
> Khyati Desai
> kdesai at pointsoflight.org
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