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December 2010
M o n t h l y  V o i c e
For the latest on campaigns, events, & inspiration

ONE DC is gearing up for an action-filled new year, and we'd like you to 
help shape
it. Before 2011 gets here, we're ready to celebrate ONE DC members who 
have made
  this a successful year. Join us us on Tuesday, Dec. 14 to celebrate 
with free food,
door prizes, and good company!!
Member Appreciation Celebration
Tuesday, Dec. 14, 7-9 pm
ONE DC's office - 614 S St. NW, rear carriage house
*Please RSVP by calling 202-232-2915. Even if ONE DC hasn't been on your 
radar lately,
we would be happy to  reconnect.
In Community,
ONE DC Member

Financial Wellness Workshop
Managing resources for happy holidays and beyond
THIS Saturday, Dec. 4, 12-2 pm
New Community Church sanctuary - 614 S St. NW

* Explore what financial wellness means for individuals and communities
* Share practices and develop financial wellness plans
* Learn about action and organizing to sustain ourselves and our 
Hear from special guests from DC Time Bank and Community Ladders.
Wal-Mart in D.C.
Wal-mart is positioning itself to hit DC in a big way! Just before the 
holiday, Wal-Mart announced its plan to open 4 stores in locations in 
the District
of Columbia.  The 4 sites being eyed include:

1. The old Curtis Brothers Chevrolet site, Georgia Ave. & Missouri Ave. NW
2. 801 New Jersey Ave. NW
3. New York Ave. & Bladensburg Rd. in NE
4. 58th St. & East Capitol NE

Since the announcement, there has been a frenzy of activity including 
meetings with
council members, civic associations, ANC's blogs and visits from 
Wal-Mart officials.
ONE DC members and staff have been actively involved with a coalition of 
churches, civic groups and other stakeholders who want to ensure that 
the new Wal-Mart
store benefits District residents by meeting certain standards developed 
by the
community, such as:

* Residents hired for full-time, living wage jobs with benefits
* 51% local hires with a funded training program
* Fairness in hiring for ex-offenders
* Equal pay and promotional opportunities for women & minorities
* Limited operating hours
* Community input in planning and design
* Traffic, environmental and economic impact study and alleviation
* Pay fair share of taxes and be bonded to ensure fulfillment of 
obligations to
workers and communityWhat do you think? Complete this 1-minute survey 
to let us know.
For more information, contact Gloria Robinson at 202-232-2915 or
grobinson at onedconline.org [http://].

RALLY: The People's Hearing
Dec. 7, 8:30 am at The Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
City Council is voting on the DC budget. Join EMPOWER DC, Save Our 
Safety Net, and
all of us with a strong message for the council: the people of DC must 
have a voice
in what happens in our city!

Getting involved!
What can you do to support the campaigns for jobs, housing, and wellness?

* Even if you only have a little time, help with phone banking to ONE DC 
  to keep them informed of the campaign and get them more involved.
* If you have a lot of time, contribute to outreach at meetings, on the 
at tenants' associations and more.
* Contact the ONE DC members listed below to work on each ONE DC 
campaign's long-term
and short-term action.

Right to Income Campaign
GOAL: The Right to Income campaign aims to develop a model for seeing 
that DC residents
are recruited, trained and given hiring priority for new living wage 
jobs in any
  new development in the District.
UPDATE: Marriott Hotel has broken ground for its new hotel, Marriott 
Marquis, on
  9th St. and Massachusetts Ave. NW. ONE DC has an agreement between the 
Office of Employment and Marriott to use $2M for training DC residents 
to work there.
ONE DC is currently reconnecting with longtime allies around the Right 
to Income
  Campaign to build capacity for enforcing the use of these funds to 
train and hire
DC residents.
**Contact Tammy Winslow for more information at 202-232-2915.

Right to Wellness and Healing
GOAL: The Right to Wellness and Healing seeks to foster wellness -- 
physical, mental/emotional,
financial,  spiritual, and environmental -- in individuals and 
communities so that
DC  residents are able to work toward racial and economic equity in the  
UPDATE: ONE DC members are organizing a youth leadership program 
designed to promote
youth participation and leadership in DC's food justice movement. A 
group of elders
will work with ONE DC members to present 10 training session and to 
develop a space
where participants will grow food. ONE DC members are currently invited 
to join
one of the planning committees: Resources and Fundraising, Outreach and 
or Program Design and Logistics.
What can ONE DC members do to get involved in the campaign?

* Research past and present efforts to bring about justice by focusing 
on wellness
around the world.
* Lead a session of The Well, the campaign's resource and skill sharing 
During the first Right to Wellness and Healing workshop, members 
expressed interest
in getting together to share their knowledge and experiences that 
promote health
  and wellness. Can you teach yoga or a hand-dancing class? Are you a 
great vegetarian
cook? Are you a whiz at organizing personal spaces? Share with other ONE 
DC members!
* In developing youth leaders of food justice, your input is key, 
whether you want
to be an elder facilitator, youth participant or committee member.
**Contact Griffin for more information at 202-232-2915 or 
hygriffin at onedconline.org
[mailto:hygriffin at onedconline.org].

Right to Housing/Land
UPDATE: ONE DC members are in the process of setting up a meeting with 
Michael Brown to move toward a lower figure for determining what's 
considered affordable
housing. Currently the Area Median Income is used for this purpose, and 
it is two
times the median income of the District-meaning many DC residents can't 
afford 'affordable
Campaign leaders are also reaching out to organizations that ONE DC 
worked with
to try to bring affordable housing to Parcel 42 and Parcel 33. 
Construction will
  start soon on Parcel 33, and ONE DC wants to see that community 
benefits agreements
will ensure that new properties contribute to the benefit of low-income 
GOAL: All DC residents have a right to housing, and ONE DC seeks to 
ensure that
housing is affordable, decent, and meets the needs of low-income residents.
**Contact Pat Penny for more information at 202-232-2915.

GoodSearch for ONE DC
Did you know that ONE DC could be earning a penny for every online 
search you do?
Go towww.goodsearch.com [http://www.goodsearch.com] for all your online 
  and select ONE DC as the charity you're searching for. Good Search 
donates one
cent to ONE DC for every search on the site.

In This Issue

Right to Income
Right to Wellness
Right to Housing/Land
GoodSearch for ONEDC


Community Reflections
In October, 8 ONE DC members beefed up their skills when they 
participated in the
Community Leadership Institute (CLI) hosted by Neighbor Works America. 
Check out
  excerpts of two members' reflections on the CLI, posted in full online 
 >From Fundamentals of Community Organizing, I have been applying what I 
learned to
the tenants association of which I am the president. When I got back I 
used the
opportunity of a holiday party to recruit new board members and increase 
  membership. I did this by applying a few principles I learned at the 
training and
choosing an issue that was compatible to our mission, vision and values.
- Franklin Brooks Jr.
Dr. J. Otis Smith, the CLI's opening and closing speaker, asked a 
question that
underscored the importance  of getting to know each other in order to 
work together
effectively: "Can we talk to each other about everything and not protect 
each other
from the truth?" Straying from the 'real work' -- decision-making, 
actions, building
skills -- can feel scary. But Dr. Smith essentially asked us to 
prioritize our relationships
to be sure we can communicate on the deep levels necessary for sustained 
- Griffin

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