[COMM-ORG] query: New CDFI needing assistance locating similar CDFI's

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Sat Aug 28 12:09:06 CDT 2010

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From: "Denise Carver" <dcarver at msgcrc.com>

I am with Gulf Coast Renaissance Corp, a newly certified CDFI on the MS 
Gulf Coast. We are trying to get the names and contact information of 
CDFI’s with similar geographical/regional experiences as ours so that we 
may learn from them as we form our strategies for the future. If anyone 
knows of a CDFI in the following areas, I would appreciate if you could 
reply with their information.

1. A CDFI in Alaska that has lines of business that may have emerged due 
to any lasting effects from the Exxon/Valdez oil spill.

2. A CDFI in any city with a new, emerging or expanded port.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide to us.

Denise Carver

Office Manager

Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation

11975-H Seaway Road

Gulfport, MS 39503

(228) 896-3386 office

(228) 896-3326 fax

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