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From: vicente sanabria<evicentesanabria at gmail.com>

Hola a todos,

Here in MA we are planning the Ounce of Prevention conference Oct 14th
(let me know if you're interested in more info) and I am leading a workshop.

This conference is mainly sponsored by the MA Dept of Public Health and
will attract mostly public health people.  Two years ago I co-lead a
workshop with Steve Schnapp of United for a Fair Economy which focused
on the role of Community Development Corp. and it had the most attendees.

This year my workshop is called "Land, Labor and Capital: the Role of
CDCs in Public Health."  The head of the Centers for Disease Control
(the "other" CDC) came out with his 5 tier public health framework.  The
foundation for public health is the socioeconomic factors or the social
determinants.  It opens the door for public health to partner with
community dev corp and other groups that do community organizing.

As part of the workshop I want to do a simulation on the power dynamics
that exist in the communities we serve.  The audience will be primarily
public health folk.

It needs to be about 10 - 20 minutes, debriefing notes would be nice,
and the amount of participants 10 - 20.  Any and all ideas will be welcomed.

Power to the peaceful,


[ed:  John Ruoff's Love Acres simulation, linked from
http://comm-org.wisc.edu/node/6 , and perhaps other things from the
training manuals section of that page, may be helpful.  I also have some
workshops in my Community Organizing and Development course that may be
useful at http://comm-org.wisc.edu/node/23 , along with others in the
community organizing section of that page.]

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