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August 13th, 2010

Members of National People's Action and Illinois People's Action broke 
the story yesterday of exactly how Big Banks have been gaming the system 
and making toxic loans to African-American and low income communities 
under the radar, all the while receiving outstanding grades from 

But, we didn't stop there. We presented our research and our experience 
in our communities in powerful testimonies at the Federal Reserve 
calling for real quality community reinvestment.

Why just go to the Federal Reserve when the office of Illinois Bank of 
America President Tim Maloney is right down the block?

While banks and Wall Street have recovered, our communities have not. 
Over a hundred community leaders, including families facing foreclosure, 
went to the downtown Chicago office of Bank of America to demand they 
take action to clean up the mess they've caused.

This time, NPA and Showdown in America fought for Emma Hurd in Chicago, 
a leader of Illinois People's Action (IPA). Emma and a hundred others 
from IPA and Chicago groups (including South Austin Coalition and 
Lakeview Action Coalition, Gender Just, and SOUL) paid a call on the 
Chicago headquarters of BofA, where a delegation of protesters met Keith 
Cockrell, BofA Market President and Julie Chavez, Senior Vice President 
for Chicago.

By the end of the action including Illinois People's Action (IPA) and 
Chicago groups (including South Austin Coalition and Lakeview Action 
Coalition, Gender Just, and SOUL) an a agreement was reached with Bank 
of America to sit down and try to work through the bank's mistakes on in 
the family facing foreclosure case.

Like with Edda Lopez and Trenda Kennedy's situations– standing up and 
standing together works.


National People's Action (NPA) is a Network of community power 
organizations from across the country that work to advance a national 
economic and racial justice agenda. NPA has over 200 organizers working 
to unite everyday people in cities, towns, and rural communities 
throughout the United States.

810 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642
United States
National People's Action

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