[COMM-ORG] Help Raise $750, 000 for progressive organizations in September with a click of your mouse

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Wed Aug 11 09:26:47 CDT 2010

  From: Greg Eklund <greg at midwestacademy.com>

As you know, these are tough times for non-profit organizations and that 
includes us. That's why, this September, we're trying a little something 
new to raise money for our work.

We've joined a group of progressive organizations to jointly compete in 
an online fundraising opportunity called Pepsi Refresh Everything.

While we ordinarily steer clear of contests like this, Pepsi is giving 
away some serious money and we think we have a great shot at winning. 
Moreover, because of the set-up of the contest, we can not only raise 
money for ourselves but for a group of great organizations working on 
progressive issues. In total, we have the chance to raise over $750,000 
in September alone.

That's where we need your help.

Rather than asking you to donate money, we're asking that you to sign-up 
to be a daily voter 
(www.theprogressiveslate.com/pepsi_september.php?name=midwest) for 
Midwest Academy in September.

As a daily voter, you'll receive a short email each morning in the month 
of September with a link where you can go and cast 10 votes each day for 
all the organizations on the Progressive Slate (that's what we're 
calling all of our groups working together). The contest runs through 
September and we'll know by the end of the month whether we won or not.

Working with the other organizations on the slate, we're hoping to build 
a group of several thousand daily voters—can you sign up now at 
www.theprogressiveslate.com/pepsi_september.php?name=midwest to help us?

This will money make a big difference for our work this year.

This money will be crucial to our plans for the rest of the year and 
into 2011.

The other groups on the slate include organizations that are working to 
mobilize young voters, coordinate progressive efforts at the state 
level, improve access to college, promote healthy eating, provide legal 
and advocacy support for low-income communities, and fight homelessness.

We hope you'll be able to join us and sign up here: 

Greg Eklund
Midwest Academy
Director of Communications and Development
27 E. Monroe. 11th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603
312.379.3130 (Fax)

December 9, 2010
Washington, D.C.

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