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Mon Aug 9 10:37:55 CDT 2010

  From:  Paul Terranova <paul at lcecmadison.org>


Dane County United (DCU), a broad based organizing effort in Dane 
County, Wisconsin is seeking a Lead Organizer.  Dane County United is 
affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) network of 63 
citizen participation organizations in the U.S., Canada, England and 
Germany.  Dane County is home to the City of Madison, the State Capitol 
and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This full-time position is available November 1, 2010.

DCU is seeking a person with the following qualifications:

A passion for social change

An interest in non-partisan citizen political action

Leadership ability

Desire for a career in professional organizing; preferably two years 
experience in community organizing

Entrepreneurial personality

Strong relational skills, including good listening skills

Comfort in working with religious organizations

Willingness to be trained and mentored

Sense of humor

College degree or equivalent professional experience

Life experience in some career/field

Good writing skills

The position involves these activities:

Lead Organizer for Dane County United

Growing the organization to 30-40 member organizations in two years 
including building relationships in prospective member organizations

Building relationships with key leaders of the current member organizations

Building relationships with key government and business leaders in Dane 

Staffing 4-5 issue campaign committees

Building and training networks of leaders within existing and new member 

Developing the relationship with our sister organization in the 
Milwaukee area, Common Ground


Salary: $40,000 plus, commensurate with experience

Health insurance and retirement benefits

To apply: Submit completed application form by September 10, 2010, to 
dennis.collier at hotmail.com or Dane County United, 814 Atlas Avenue, 
Madison, WI 53714 (resume and cover letter accepted with our 
application, BUT NOT in place of it).  To request an application form or 
to ask questions about the position, please contact Dennis Collier at 
608-516-1656 or dennis.collier at hotmail.com.

Dane County United is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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