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About a month ago, we brought you the story of Edda Lopez: a disabled 
widow in the fight of her life with Bank of America.

Bank of America expected Edda Lopez to fall in line with their plans to 
foreclose on her and her family, failing to recognize a loan payment 
plan she set up with her former lender, before Bank of America bought 
her loan.

But, Edda, her church, her neighborhood organization, and people like 
you who signed the petition to save her home, had a different plan.

Bank of America has offered Edda a loan modification, she and her family 
will be able to keep their home!

And, Edda has a message for all of us: organize, fight for your home and 
community. It works.

We know there are over a million more families facing foreclosure from 
Bank of America alone. Fourteen million home owners currently owe more 
on their homes than they're worth. We need a solution for all of us. It 
should not have taken two protests, a petition, and national attention 
to keep one Bronx woman in her home.

These banks must do their part to reinvest in our communities and fix 
the mess they created. Bank regulators need to ensure banks aren't 
discriminating and selling toxic loans to African-Americans, Latinos and 
low income borrowers.

Edda and her family have a request for us - tell the bank regulators we 
need good community reinvestment.

Community reinvestment will ensure that banks like Bank of America clean 
up the mess that they created. But just as they fought long and hard 
against financial reform, Big Banks will surely fight to keep from 
rebuilding their broken homes.

This is Round 2 of the fight to hold banks accountable, and we need your 

Bank regulators (the "bank cops") are holding hearings right now to 
determine why and how banks need to reinvestment back into our communities.

Tell bank regulators we need reinvestment NOW. Submit a comment letter 
to the bank regulators TODAY.


National People's Action (NPA) is a Network of community power 
organizations from across the country that work to advance a national 
economic and racial justice agenda.  NPA has over 200 organizers working 
to unite everyday people in cities, towns, and rural communities 
throughout the United States.

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National People's Action

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