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Senate defeats filibuster to begin debate on health reform

The Senate voted tonight to move ahead with debate on comprehensive
health reform, taking another important step toward passing legislation
designed to make health care more affordable and accessible to American
families.    The 60-39 vote paves the way for the Senate to hold
several weeks of floor debate beginning after Thanksgiving.  Senators
are expected to offer more than 200 amendments, so the legislation
could change in ways large and small before a final vote anticipated in

Earlier today, clergy and leaders from PICO Louisiana participated in a
conference call with Senator Mary Landrieu, who announced that she
would vote for the motion to proceed with debate on health reform.  She
emphasized the urgent need for reform to help families and small
businesses cope with skyrocketing health care costs; but she also said
that her vote to begin debate did not guarantee that she would support
the final bill.

Last Thursday, PICO leaders traveled to Washington, DC yet again to
push for greater affordability protections for lower-income families
and to pray for wisdom, courage and compassion in Congress.  Read what
they said and an analysis of the differences between the House and
Senate bills on affordability here:

During the historic Senate debate, the PICO network will continue to
educate people about what health reform would mean for their families
and loved ones, and will continue encourage people to communicate how
they feel about the legislation to their Members of Congress.  We thank
everyone who has put so much effort into making sure that the values
and interests of families and faith communities are heard loud and
clear in the health reform debate.

PICO strongly encourages people of faith to study the teachings and
policy positions of their own religious denominations and traditions to
inform their participation in the health reform debate.

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