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Julie Davids <jdavids at champnetwork.org>

Greetings - CHAMP is an innovated social change organization and we'd 
appreciate if list members would pass this on to any potentially 
interested candidates. Please note that we are looking for experienced 
leaders with a strong movement background, but it does not have to be 
specifically rooted in HIV/AIDS.

Very best,


Julie Davids
Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)

Please excuse duplicate postings and forward appropriately:

CHAMP Announces Search for Co-Director
The Board of Directors of Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project 
(CHAMP) is pleased to announce a search for a Co-Director. The job 
posting is below and also can be downloaded here.


CHAMP is a national network of individuals and community-based 
organizations that are committed to building a powerful movement 
bridging HIV/AIDS, human rights, and struggles for social, racial and 
economic justice, which we call HIV Prevention Justice.

This autumn, CHAMP engaged in strategic planning and developed a new, 
sustainable structure that includes two Co-Directors as executive 

Julie Davids, who has been serving as CHAMP's Senior Consultant, has 
been appointed Co-Director.

Kelly McGowan is serving as an Interim Co-Director for the duration of 
the search and hiring process for our second Co-Director.

The Leadership CHAMP Needs:

We are seeking a co-leader who can work closely with a small staff and 
an active and engaged Board and Advisory Committee to ensure that the 
CHAMP Network responds quickly and effectively to the advocacy and 
activism priorities that arise from our constituency.

Currently there are over 11,000 active members of our network: they 
range from staff at AIDS Service Organizations to people living with 
HIV, currently and formerly incarcerated people, researchers, LGBTQ 
leaders and HIV/AIDS activists.

Our members look to us for leadership in strengthening the domestic AIDS 
movement by ensuring that it is relevant to those most affected by the 
epidemic. The CHAMP Co-Director will play a significant role harnessing 
and directing the power of our network to pursue prevention justice.

The CHAMP Network Design:

CHAMP staff comprises two Co-Directors, a half-time Administrative 
Manager and a Network Organizer who work closely with a working board of 
directors and several diverse working groups and advisory groups.

The organizational structure is designed to focus resources on 
grassroots movement building and mobilization capacity, and to respond 
to strategic opportunities to ensure that national HIV/AIDS policies are 
more just. The CHAMP Network aims to contribute to long-term progressive 
social change and to bring members of the HIV/AIDS sector into broader 
social justice and human rights efforts.

Job Posting: Co-Director

Job Title: Co-Director
Reports to: Board of Directors
Supervises: Administrative Manager, Program Staff, Consultants
Location: Flexible. Northeast US preferred
Hours: Full-time or prorated (4 days/week)
Salary: $70,000-$80,000 including benefits

Summary Job Description

Working closely with the other Co-Director, the Co-Director reports to 
the board of directors, supervises staff and consultants, and engages in 
key areas of work in order to ensure that CHAMP meets our goals as a 
national network for HIV Prevention Justice.


* At least five years experience in a senior management position in the 
social justice sector
* Masters degree or equivalent experience in human rights or social 
justice movement building, policy development/advocacy, communications 
or political education
* Expertise in one or more of the following not-for-profit management 
skills: strategic planning and implementation, organizational 
development, budget development and management, and/or board development
* Expertise in one or more of the following movement building skills: 
leadership development, membership structures, network development, 
strategic communications, political education, virtual/internet campaign 
development, community organizing and/or coalition building
* Strong writing and verbal communication skills
* Proven fundraising experience
* Proven supervisor with staff development experience
* Experience with national campaigns or organizations desired
* Ability to work alone and collaboratively
* Ability to travel and work from home office desired


We are looking for a well-rounded and proven leader with clearly-defined 
skills; thus, the position will be adapted to reflect the distinct 
strengths of each Co-Director in a highly collaborative environment and 
the description below should be read as a guideline rather than an 
absolute mandate.

Organizational Development:

* Strategic Planning: Collaborate with the Co-Director to ensure that 
the organizational mission and core goals are accomplished and the board 
of directors and advisory groups are engaged in policy setting and 
messaging. Ensure a periodic reassessment of CHAMP's political and 
strategic orientation with staff, board and key stakeholders as well as 
at least annual review of progress toward medium and long-term goals.
* Organizational Structure: Collaborate with the Co-Director to ensure 
that the organizational structure is designed to focus resources on 
movement building and rapid and thoughtful responses to strategic 
opportunities to ensure that national HIV/AIDS policies are more just.
* Budget Development and Management: Collaborate with the Co-Director to 
ensure that organization, program and campaign budgets are realistic and 
well managed.

Movement Building:

* Collaborate with the Co-Director to ensure that CHAMP Network is:
* Driven by an HIV prevention justice analysis
* Advised by the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance Steering Committee and 
other appropriate outside advisors
* Built through community outreach (conference attendance, 
collaborations, partnerships, etc)
* Built and maintained through Internet communications
* Built and maintained through publications
* Built through leadership opportunities
* Engaged and advanced through political education (webinars, workshops 
and trainings)
* Activated to respond to strategic and time-limited policy 
opportunities (rapid response email blasts and strategic campaigns)

Development Management:

Collaborate with Development Chair to ensure that:

* Annual development plan is approved by board of directors
* Prospects are researched
* Grant applications are completed on time
* Funder reports are completed and submitted on time
* Individual donor relationships are maintained
* Development records are maintained by the Administrative Manager, and
* His/her fellow co-director's grant writing and funder relations skills 
are maximized

Volunteer and Network Leadership Supervision:

* Provide supervision and advocacy mentoring for CHAMP volunteers and 
leaders in the CHAMP network
* Ensure that leadership development is integrated into the 
organizational design and represented in budgets and work plans

Finance & Administration:

* Supervise the Administrative Manager to ensure that Financial 
Management, Human Resources, Risk Management, Office/Intranet Management 
and overall administrative management and support functions are 

Compensation and Benefits
Compensation includes a salary competitive with nonprofit organizations 
of similar size and an exceptional package for vacations, holidays, and 
leave. These benefits include the following:


Medical and dental insurance (100 percent covered by employer).

Three weeks' paid vacation in first three years; four weeks' paid 
vacation thereafter.

Paid sabbatical of up to eight weeks available in fourth year and every 
fourth year thereafter.

Ten paid holidays annually.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should e-mail a cover letter, résumé, and brief 
writing sample to board at champnetwork.org

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