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From: "Amy S. Mondloch" <amy at grassrootsleadershipcollege.org>

Hi all--

I was just in Memphis this week and learned that SOCM (Save Our Cumberland
Mountains) is looking for an executive director and another community

I was really surprised to hear that the E.D. position is still open.  I
really want to encourage strong folks to apply.  I had the good fortune of
working for SOCM when I just started out as a community organizer.  It's an
incredible organization.  I learned so much from the membership.

The E.D. position will be tough one. Mo has held the position for many years
and has a lot of strong relationships within and related to the organization
and definitely has a style and personality to her work.  The E.D. position,
however, also holds incredible possibilities-- working for a long running
social and environmental justice organization that has been incredibly
strong and successful for over 30 years and is continuing to stretch itself
to fit today's needs.

I just felt the need to encourage you strong E.D/ organizer folks out there
to check it out-- oh, and there are few things if any in the world more
beautiful than the Cumberland Mountains-- one of my great memories is of
seeing "different" hills every day in the new light, clouds, seasons, wow!

Info on the positions can be found at http://www.noacentral.org/


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