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[ed:  thanks to Kristen for replying to Lane's query.]

From: "Kristin Sundell" <kristin at jubileeusa.org>

We are currently using etapestry -- www.etapestry.com  It has been a
fantastic tool for us -- allows us to keep our database online, secure &
accessible, share notes and info about contacts, track donations and
activity, pull lists of people interested/active in a particular region or
on a particular topic, etc.  You can set it up to be as simple or complex as
you need.  It is simple enough that we can train volunteers to help us with
data entry.  It is expensive if you have a big database, but I believe there
is a free option if you stay below a certain number of entries.  Definitely
worth checking out.

Kristin Sundell, M.Div.
Deputy Director
Jubilee USA Network
443-845-4461 (cell)
kristin at jubileeusa.org
Check out the Jubilee blog:http://jubileeusa.typepad.com/

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> From: "Victorson, Lane A." <LVICTORSON at ssw.umaryland.edu>
> Hello,
> I know I have seen questions about technology for organizers and I tried
> to hit on some of the technology and support resource links which ended
> in error messages. But none-the-less it might be beneficial to hear from
> you what you might be using currently.
> What I'm looking for is web-based software (so the whole staff can
> access it from various locations) that can act as a community phone book
> in a way, housing basic contact information and in addition a simple
> notes feature allowing for attachments where we can track info for each
> resident that notates interactions, highlights leadership potential,
> areas of strength and interest, etc. It can be pretty bare bones and
> simplistic.  Ideally a report out feature would be nice.  I am aware of
> constant contact, but that seems to be more of a marketing outward
> thing...what I am looking for is an internal user friendly database,
> preferably easy to use and inexpensive- long shot maybe?
> Lane Victorson
> Baltimore
> [ed:  the Organizers Database http://www.organizersdb.org/, is on
> offline option to look at.  Online, the movement now is toward content
> management systems or CMSs, which are basically systems for managing
> interactive websites with forums, file management, and contact
> management.  An increasing number of these systems have contact
> management plugins or features.  For organizations with an existing
> website, the organizations that provides your website may already have
> some of these options that you can access.  If not, you may search out a
> new provider who can offer such a system.  There are so many options
> right now that it may be easier to talk directly with your website
> provider than to look for a provider that offers a particular system.]
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