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From: Don McNair <mcnair at cedworks.com>

The Winter 2008 edition of Making Waves has been released on-line at 
www.cedworks.com/waves.html. Much of the content concerns to the 
leadership which the community sector can offer the public in a time of 
growing distress and disillusionment with neo-liberalism. At the moment, 
we are a lot stronger on creativity than we are on clarity.
Find a summary of the contents below. Apologies for cross-postings

Leadership, Solidarity, Persistence
Announcing ... a national summit in 2010 to explore and celebrate the 
community sector's diverse actors and achievements and to help forge 
from them a movement.
Little Place, Big Story
The engine of revival for tiny Rosebud, Alberta has been the Arts - 
entrepreneurial and theatrical.
A New Beginning for Social Economy in Québec?
Social economy has become integral to Québec regional development 
strategy and to its response to recession.
The Demonstrating Value Initiative
Imagine a framework of performance assessment applicable to social 
enterprises of every type, yet affordable, accessible, and accurate. The 
DVI is making it happen.
A Window on the "Laboratory of Social Innovation"
The upcoming Forum on the Globalization of the Social Solidarity Economy 
will reinforce the possibility of a just, people-centred approach to the 
Navigating the Navigators
A practitioner comments on three outstanding (no, four) guides to social 
enterprise and what makes each outstanding.
CED's Information Gap
Computers, the internet, and libraries put information by the metric ton 
at the very fingertips of CED practitioners. What's needed to get them 
using it?
What's so Special about Nova Scotia?
As the mystique of neo-liberalism crumbles, the many ways in which a 
"have-not" province mobilizes and deploys community capital are taking 
on a different aspect.

Don McNair
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