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Dear friend,

The Board and Staff of PTP are thrilled to announce Arif Mamdani as the 
new Executive Director of Arif MamdaniProgressive Technology Project! 
We're especially excited to have Arif because of the leadership role he 
has played in increasing PTP's commitment to adding value to the 
organizing community through deeper and more comprehensive engagement. 
He has been exceptional as PTP’s Capacity Building Director in the last 
six years, leading our Community Organizing and Technology Institutes 
(COaTIs), TechCamps and workshops. Arif's Biography

While there are many reasons that the board chose to appoint Arif, the 
simple fact is that he is the ideal fit for the position: he has the 
skills, necessary experience, and deep knowledge of the work and field 
to move us forward and to give PTP a very seamless transition. As part 
of the PTP team, Arif has been intimately involved with planning PTP's 
strategic direction. He is part of a new generation of leaders who early 
on saw the importance of adapting technology to organizing needs.

Arif comes in on the heels of six years of outstanding leadership from 
Mark Sherman who is stepping down as PTP’s Executive Director due to his 
strong belief in passing on leadership. Mark came to PTP in challenging 
times and has led us to a point of great strength in our staff capacity, 
fundraising, and role in the organizing world. Mark will stay on into 
the spring (which comes late in Minnesota!) to support the transition.

We have a full calendar this year of splendid programming for organizing 
groups across the country and we’re fortunate to have the expertise of 
Arif and a very strong staff team. We’re offering trainings on 
communications and technology, databases and technology planning, online 
social networking, and basic office software skills. These are all 
designed to bring entire community organizations up to speed with 
technology and to help groups integrate technology more deeply into the 
life of their organization for them to be more successful. You can find 
more details on our web site at http://progressivetech.org/

Thank you for you continued work and support of PTP. Please take a 
minute to send a note of support to Arif at 
amamdani at progressivetech.org. You can always contact me or any other 
member of PTP’s board or staff with any questions you have – about this 
transition or any of PTP’s program activities.

In Solidarity,
Bineshi Albert

balbert at communitychange.org
Board Chair, Progressive Technology Project (PTP)

Progressive Technology Project
2801 21st Av S STE 132E
Minneapolis, MN 55407

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