[COMM-ORG] query: seeking advice regarding partnership agreements, copyright and IP

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Tue Feb 3 21:00:44 CST 2009

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From:     Sutherland, Jessie C <jcsutherland at jibc.ca>

I have worked for several years developing a project that involves 
community dialogues, courses, and research. The project has grown 
rapidly  and so I decided it would be helpful to  partner with a larger 
institution. We agreed to a one year term and are now negotiating a 
longer term arrangement (I have been with the organization 6 months). 
Part of our discussion includes working out an agreement around 
copyright, ownership, and intellectual property. I would like to learn 
what agreements people have made in similar situations using traditional 
and non-traditional approaches. My goal is to come to an agreement that 
will foster innovation and be best for the project and each party. fyi, 
the larger institution is interested in keeping the copyright given the 
fact that I am now their employee. I am interested in keeping the 
copyright given the fact that I have worked on developing the project 
for several years and consider it my life's work. Has anyone out there 
worked out a creative solution - and can share with me how they worked 
it out?

 Many thanks,



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