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Please contact Rachel at the e-mail address below for application materials.

From: Rachel Crites <wisaop at>



The Wisconsin Apprentice Organizers Project (AOP) is pleased to announce 
that we are now accepting applications for our 2009 apprenticeship 
program for new organizers. Please see AOP mentor and apprentice 
applications attached to this email! If you are not able to open the 
attachments, email AOP at wisaop at and we will send you 
paper copies.

The 7-month paid apprenticeship runs from the end of January 2009 
through July 2009. This year, AOP will accept approximately 10 
apprentices who will each be paired with a mentor in an organization in 
SE Wisconsin and Dane County areas. As mentioned above, applications for 
mentors and apprentices are attached to this email.

AOP is also seeking additional applications (mentors and apprentices) 
from individuals with a disability and/or immediate family members of an 
individual with a disability as a part of a collaborative project with 
the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD). 
Apprentices and mentors entering AOP’s program through this 
collaborative program will join the larger 2009 AOP apprentice/mentor 
cohort. Please contact AOP (see below) if you are interested in applying 
to AOP through this collaborative project.

AOP’s apprenticeship program is about strengthening a culture of 
organizing – and strengthening your work – by helping to develop and 
train new and diverse community organizers. It’s an investment in people 
and it’s an investment in the movement for progressive social and 
economic change.

Please pass these applications on to people you think would be 
interested (or apply yourself). Applications may be completed 
electronically (strongly preferred) or in hard copy. Addresses for 
submission of applications are given on each application.

Full descriptions of criteria for both mentors and apprentices are also 
provided on the applications.

In brief, mentors will be people with at least 3-5 years of organizing 
experience and currently working in an organization with an active 
community organizing component.

Apprentices will be people with little or no paid organizing experience 
from traditionally under represented communities. We are seeking 
applicants who show the promise and passion to be community organizers, 
but have not yet been given the opportunity.

Applications for mentors are due by November 21, 2008

Applications for apprentices are due by 5 pm, November 28, 2008.

Please email wisaop at for AOP/BPDD collaborative project 
deadlines, as these deadlines are different then those mentioned above.

Each apprentice will earn $1500 month (gross salary) plus contributions 
to a wellness benefit as needed. Salaries within the collaborative 
project are structured slightly differently. In most cases, AOP will 
provide the funds for salary and wellness or will work with the 
mentoring organization to secure those funds. AOP does require that 
mentoring organizations contribute to the support of their mentor, and 
will make a mutually acceptable arrangement with each mentoring 
organization based on the ability of the organization.

AOP also accepts apprentices who have been hired by an organization but 
want additional training and support in the field of community 
organizing. AOP charges a fee for these apprentices. These apprentices 
must also complete an AOP apprentice application and, along with their 
mentors, must participate in all aspects of AOP’s training program.

Please feel free to contact AOP at wisaop at, or 608-444-4992 
if you have questions.

Thanks for your work and for any assistance you can offer us in 
recruiting mentors and apprentices!

Rachel Crites
Executive Director
Apprentice Organizers Project, AOP

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