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The Autumn 2008 edition of Making Waves largely concerns the rebuilding 
of local food systems. How do we make producing and distributing food at 
a smaller scale not just appealing and appetizing, but commercially viable?

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Et si la crise alimentaire profitait aux paysans africains?
The hyperinflation of food prices presents West African countries with a 
real opportunity to rebuild their neglected agricultural sectors – if 
family farms are made central to government policy.

Size Does Matter
Family farms may not be big, but they will have to find ways to be “big 
enough” if we are ever to see a relocalization of the food system.

Redesigning Canada’s Food System
National research suggests that, in principle, the social economy is 
well-equipped to act as vehicle of community food security and food 

Good & Scary
Rob Hopkins Transition Handbook explains how to imagine compelling, 
alternative ways of life, but lacks the conceptual framework to support 
effective action.

It is time that corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors made purposeful 
purchasing integral to their operations, so each transaction enriches 
the community capital.

“Winging It” is Not Enough
Some social entrepreneurs manage to build dynamic enterprises with 
street smarts and chutzpah. But that’s no way to train up a sector’s 
leadership cadre

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