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As ACORN comes under fire in various states and from the right (with 
charges that used to only float around in the far-right conspiracy 
theory blogosphere, but are now getting some mainstream attention), I 
would hope that people please consider correcting distortions and 
calling politicians, journalists and pundits out whenever bald face lies 
show up in your local paper or airwaves. ACORN has been posting a ton of 
information on its website to correct these distortions. 
Go there to get the facts for your letters, editorials, etc.

Anybody that is interested in civil rights should be speaking out after 
hearing Sen. McCain say ACORN was planning one of the largest campaigns 
of election fraud in U.S. history. Talk about a bad memory.


Regarding the scandalous ACORN "scandal": Another excellent sourse, 
besides of course, is the Project Vote site and blog and some good research and background can be found 
-Doug Hess (Project Vote consultant)

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> Those of you who have been following the controversy around ACORN's 
> voter registration efforts, may be interested in a couple of posts on 
> the Rooflines site,, as well as a New York 
> Times editorial at 
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