Query: Good films on youth organizing and action

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[ed:  thanks to Adam, Laine, Karen, and Ann for responses to Betty's query.]

From: "Adam Sotak" <adamsotak at democracy-nc.org>

Elena Everett with Independent Voices Media in Durham, NC might be a
good resource. Her email is: greentararaider at yahoo.com. She's filmed
university sit-ins, protests, etc. Also, check out:

Adam Sotak, MSW, Organizing Director
Democracy North Carolina


From: "Laine Romero-Alston" <LaineRA at solidago.org>

There are several, but a few that I am familiar with are:
A film made by the Chinatown Justice Project of CAAAV: Organizing Asian
Communities about gentrification in Chinatown. The film is a number of
years old now, but the youth and growing tenant union continue to do
amazing work in the community.

Another great group working with LGBT youth of color in NYC is FIERCE.
Here is the link to some of their independent media work.

Also check out Global Action Project
They support several youth organizing groups to produce their own media.

There is tons more out there, but these are ones I have worked with
directly in the past.

Hope this helps. 

Laine Romero-Alston
Program Officer
Solidago Foundation
25 Main Street, Suite 439
Northampton, MA 01060
413-587-0174 (ph) 413-587-0175 (fax)
LaineRA at solidago.org


From: "Gray, Karen A." <karen.gray at ou.edu>

"Holding Ground" about Dudley Street is not new, but 2 youths featured 
in the film (who were highschool students then) are now the e.d. of the 
CDC and CLT, which I find very inspirational!


From:m "Ann Pratt" <prattworks at earthlink.net>

There is an awesome documentary about the young people's march in Selma
during the civil rights movement.  I think its called the Children's March.


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> From: "Betty G. Robinson" <bgrobinson at verizon.net>
> Hi,
> I am putting together a curriculum for high school and middle school 
> youth on community organizing and youth action.  Does anyone know of 
> good films about youth organizing going on now?  We have an excellent 
> one about Baltimore youth in the Algebra Project organizing for quality 
> education: "Schooling Baltimore Street" made by a youth media group, 
> Wide Angle Media, but I am looking for others around the country.
> Thanks,
> Betty G. Robinson,
> Baltimore
> [ed:  we have had a few similar queries on COMM-ORG, and a search of the 
> website and list returns quite a few films, though most do not address 
> youth organizing.]
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