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The Women and Girls Collective Action Network and DePaul University's 
Program in Women's and Gender Studies are collaborating on a national 
documentation project of anti-violence groups.  This work expands the 
findings of the December 2007 report, "Communities Engaged in Resisting 
Violence" (see link: http://comm-org.wisc.edu/papers2008/russo.htm) 
nationally.  "Communities Engaged in Resisting Violence" documents the 
dialogues and work of Chicago area activists and organizations who are 
using alternative models, outside of the social service and criminal 
justice systems, to address interpersonal and state violence.

Currently, we are in search of individuals and groups around the country 
who are engaged in dialogues and processes using alternative models and 
strategies to connect anti-violence work with community building, 
mobilize and expand communities' capacities to end violence through 
organizing and accountability, and see social justice as a central part 
of anti-violence work.

Our goals for this project are multifaceted.  We foremost intend to 
bring visibility to social justice work around anti-violence, thus 
further galvanizing a shift ignited by INCITE! in the Domestic Violence 
movement.  We see this documentation as part of an ongoing series of 
writing projects including, and not limited to, blogging, academic 
papers and community organization reports.  Eventually, we envision a 
national convening of groups as a forum to share frameworks, strategies 
and tactics.
If you are involved in this work, or know of rad groups who are, please 
let us know!  Send us contact information including and not limited to: 
group name / email / website / contact person / mailing address / phone 
Email responses to innovations4justice at gmail.com.  

 // please forward widely //

Melissa Spatz, Director
Women & Girls CAN
11 E Adams, suite 902
Chicago, IL 60603

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