Query: Good films on youth organizing and action

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Wed Oct 15 12:27:35 CDT 2008

[ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with responses to Betty's 
query.  A bit from me below.]

From: "Betty G. Robinson" <bgrobinson at verizon.net>

I am putting together a curriculum for high school and middle school 
youth on community organizing and youth action.  Does anyone know of 
good films about youth organizing going on now?  We have an excellent 
one about Baltimore youth in the Algebra Project organizing for quality 
education: "Schooling Baltimore Street" made by a youth media group, 
Wide Angle Media, but I am looking for others around the country.

Betty G. Robinson,

[ed:  we have had a few similar queries on COMM-ORG, and a search of the 
website and list returns quite a few films, though most do not address 
youth organizing.]

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