PTP Web Conference October 28 - Does Online Fundraising work for Community Organizers?

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Does Online fundraising through Social Networks work for Community 

Find out:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 12pm Pacific/1pm Mountain/2pm Central/3pm 

On Tuesday, October 28, join PTP's web meeting on online fundraising, 
where you'll hear Kwame Tsikata, PTP's Development and Communications 
Analyst, share the results of two years of research into best practices. 
You will also hear stories from the field on where, how, and why online 
fundraising can be a powerful tool for community organizing groups.

The web meeting is 45 minutes long - 30 minutes for PTP to present what 
we've learned, and 15 minutes for conversation, discussion, and questions.

The meeting costs $20 to attend.  To register, sign up at

Note: This PTP Web Conference is an online and phone meeting enabling 
you to access PTP training right from your desk without the cost and 
time associated with travel.  PTP Web Conferences are designed to be 
quick and easy to attend and give you the essential knowledge or skills 
you need about a particular area of technology and organizing.  To 
participate in PTP Web Conferences, you'll need access to a computer and 
phone.  Go here for more information and please let us know if you have 
any questions or concerns about your ability to connect to the meeting.

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