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Read The New Issue of Shelterforce,

The journal of affordable housing and community building



from the grass roots to the Oval Office

     $4-a-Gallon Changed (Nearly) Everything! by Jeffrey Lubell
     Urban Policy Next by Xavier De Souza Briggs
     Time to Address the Rural Housing Crisis by Moises Loza and Leslie 
     Breaking Asset Poverty: Better Homeownership - and More by Ellen 
     A Fair Housing Agenda for 2008 and Beyond by Gregory D. Squires
     Environmental Justice: Heck of a Job Ahead by Deeohn Ferris
     The Other Health Agenda by Nicholas Freudenberg
     A Two-Year Skills Guarantee: More Than Just the "Dream" by Andy Van 
     Early Childhood Education: A Teachable Moment by Gene I. Maeroff
     Needed: National Leadership Sustainable Development by Kaid Benfield
     In Praise of Faith-Based Community Organizing by Heidi J. Swarts


    * Trading Bullets for a Better Future. Youth violence scars lives, 
turning America's streets into war zones. How do we transform killing 
fields into training grounds for stronger communities. By Matthew Hersh

    * What's the Matter With Newark? For the community economic 
development organizations that have spent decades trying to keep 
Newark's neighborhoods afloat, the promise of a new mayor has only 
managed to throw the city's paradoxes into sharper relief. By Julia Rabig


   Kim Fellner on her new book, Wrestling With Starbucks

   Robert O. Zdenek reviews Forces for Good: The Six Practices of 
High-Impact Nonprofits
   by Leslie R. Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant and Nonprofit 
Leadership: Life Lessons
   from an Enterprising Practitioner by Robert P. Giloth

   Fall '08 now online at

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