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Mon Mar 31 09:03:37 CDT 2008

[ed:  please contact Abasar directly at the address below if you can be 
of assistance.]

From:  wettaka abasar <wabasar at>

Dear members,
My name is Abbas Wetaaka,
I am a college professor in community Development and a private sector 
-community partnership specialist in Uganda, East Africa.
I have been sponsoring and keenly following the grassroot fundraising 
techniques of Barrack Obama in Democratic primaries.
Nevertheless, i would be grateful if one the grassroot organisations 
could give me an opportunity to have the practical feel of political 
organising and grassroot fundraising.
The assistance i need is in terms of a placement in one of the grassroot 
organisations and possibly a return airfare in any area.
I will be very grateful for your assistance.

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