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 I write to announce the publication of American Crisis, Southern 
 Solutions: From Where We Stand, Promise and Peril, a new collection  of 
 essays about the current American political landscape which Vernon  Jordan 
 calls "the political season's smart-to-read book." In this  volume, editor 
 Anthony Dunbar and seventeen Southern writers,  historians, business- and 
 labor-watchers, and philosophers --  anchored by economist and former U.S. 
 Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall  -- reexamine some of the issues raised in 
 the 2004 collection of  essays, Where We Stand, Voices of Southern 
 Dissent, which warned of  the dangers of reelecting George W. Bush and of 
 white Southerners  unquestioningly casting their political lot with 
 fundamentalism and  conservatism.

 In American Crisis, nine of the 2004 essayists and nine new ones  offer 
 provocative suggestions for a fresh path America should follow  in 
 governance, international affairs, the environment, workplace  security, 
 freedom of the press, and immigration reform. They present  "Southern 
 Solutions," based upon Southern experience, to a nation  that has drifted 
 far off course.

 Charles Reagan Wilson at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture 
 notes that "American Crisis, Southern Solutions brims with insights  about 
 our national predicament and ways that Southern experience can  provide 
 models for change."  The book includes essays by J. Drew  Lanham, Wade 
 Rathke, Jason Berry, Charles Bussey, Dan T. Carter,  Danny Duncan Collum, 
 Doug Davis, Leslie Dunbar, Glenn Feldman, Daniel  Pollitt, Susan Ford 
 Wiltshire, Frye Gaillard, Laughlin McDonald,  Janisse Ray, Gene Nichol, 
 and Ellen Spears.

 We invite you to read an excerpt from American Crisis via Google Book 
 Search (, or learn more 
 about the contributors at the NewSouth Books website, http://  

 To order by phone, call toll free (866) 639-7688.

 If I can answer any questions or provide more details about American 
 Crisis, Southern Solutions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


 Brian Seidman
 Managing Editor, NewSouth Books
 PO Box 1588, Montgomery, AL 36102
 334-834-3556 (ph); 334-834-3557 (fax)
 brian at

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