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Hi ,

Upcoming: Databases, and Technology
Assessment and Planning Training , April 2-4 in Minneapolis, MN.

Wondering what an organizer gains by knowing databases?  Want to come,
but feel like you've got too much work at home?  Planning a voter
engagement project this year, but you're worried about the viability
of your database?

Lots of organizers wonder the same thing, so we're bringing in a
special surprise guest to share his
experience with how the database helped build his organization.

Organizer and author Paul Getsos, (co-author of &quot;Tools for Radical
Democracy&quot; and former director of Community Voices Heard)  will help
us kick off the Databases, and Technology Assessment and Planning
Training, April 2-4 in Minneapolis, MN.

Paul's joining us to share his experience and perspective on
how and why technology, and in particular databases are a critical
tool for
building power.  As he and Joan Minieri wrote:

Organizing is ultimately about building and managing mass numbers of
relationships.    A database offers the most effective way to track and
manage relationships.

With a well-organized and
well-managed database, you keep track of everyone who comes into
contact with the organization. . . . Of all the technologies available
for large-scale base-building, mobilizing, and leadership development,
an easy-to-use database is the one technology that most effectively
builds the power of an organization. .

There are still a few more places available in the Database
Training, so if you're interested, click here to

 Also, if you're thinking about registering for our Voter
Tech Training, and your organization doesn't have a solid data system
&quot;footing,&quot; you should really think about attending both April 2-4
training, as well as the Voter Tech Training.

 For more information or to register, go to

Arif Mamdani

Capacity Building Program Director - Progressive Technology

arif at [mailto:arif at]
phone: 612.724.2600 ext 12  [callto:arifmamdani]


PS If you haven't read &quot;Tools for Radical Democracy&quot;, you 
might want
to pick up a copy.  Pay special attention to chapter 6 which covers
where and how technology can support and enhance your organizing work.


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