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From: Valeria <valeria at>

Hi, my name is Valeria, I'm new to the comm-org listserv. I'm writing 
from the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), a Brooklyn-based non-profit, 
in the hopes that our call for proposals may be of interest to the 
community organizations participating in this network.

All the best,


Call for Proposals
An Educational Poster Fellowship

CUP is seeking proposals for the next issues of Making Policy Public, 
CUP’s series of fold-out posters that brings advocates and designers 
together to create visual explanations of public policy issues. We are 
looking for advocates, organizations, and researchers with complex 
policy issues that need visual explanation. Advocates chosen through the 
juried submission process will receive 1000 copies of the color 
publication to distribute directly to their constituents and an 
honorarium of $1000. CUP will manage the research, editing, and 
production processes and will provide additional staffing.

Making Policy Public uses innovative graphic design to explore and 
explain public policy. Each publication is the product of a commissioned 
collaboration between a designer and an advocate. This series aims to 
make information on public policy truly public: accessible, meaningful, 
and shared. Organizations can reach and expand their constituency 
through design.

Applicants should be interested in engaging in a collaborative design 
process and, most of all, interested in explaining an aspect of public 
policy. The series defines public policy broadly. Topics could range 
from the barriers to re-entry for formerly incarcerated people in 
Upstate New York to the social implications of the private equity boom. 
Although CUP is a New York City-based organization, submissions need not 
address New York specifically. Topics could range in scope from the 
governmental to the informal, and in scale from the local to the 
international. Applicants from any discipline, professional status, or 
age are eligible, but you must be able to attend meetings in New York City.

Proposals must be received by April 21, 2008, no later than 5 pm. To 
apply, visit

The Cargo Chain, the most recent issue of Making Policy Public, is an 
organizing tool for longshore workers that shows the players and 
pressure points in today’s globalized shipping network. The publication 
was produced through a collaboration between the Longshore Workers 
Coalition, Labor Notes (a quarterly journal of labor journalism and 
research), cartographer Bill Rankin, and the graphic design office 
Thumb. The first issue of Making Policy Public, Social Security Risk 
Machine, describes how the Social Security System manages risk on the 
scale of a society.

The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofit organization that 
helps people understand and change the places they live. To learn more 
about CUP visit

Making Policy Public is funded in part by New York State Council on the 
Arts, the New York City Department
of Cultural Affairs, the Diane Middleton Foundation, and the Brooklyn 
Arts Council.

Contact: Valeria Mogilevich
The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)
(718) 596-7721
valeria at

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