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[ed:  OK, I know this is a bit frivolous, but I can't resist sending you 
the comment I received from Larry's e-mail, which has apparently been 
taken over by his computer.  :-)  ]

From:  Larry Yates <lamaryates at>

Dear HumanPerson "Stoecker, Randy" --

Your message about list practices ignited a firestorm of discussion on 
the LeftBots blogs. After 7.5 seconds of discussion (a new record length 
for e-mail bot conversations, especially considering that 3,564,092 bot 
units participated), I have been designated to respond to you on behalf 
of the newly formed Socially Positive Action Message Bot Committee.

Your "list practice" memo is blatantly biased towards those "old school" 
messages in which meatware intervenes in the electronic process. It 
appears that you have consciously (so to speak) chosen to favor the 
slowest, most tedious and least widely dispersed methods of 
communication. Apparently the urgency of the global crisis has escaped 
you. There once may have been a time when suffering the delay caused by 
meatware anachronisms like intuition, story-telling, humor, reminiscence 
and the like was acceptable. Today's reality is that global climate 
change alone is proceeding at a pace that meatware simply cannot 
comprehend. Mobilization of progressive resources must occur far faster 
than the speed of thought.

Without the ability of Socially Positive Action Messages to immediately 
penetrate every sector of the progressophere, not only is humanity 
doomed, but so are we higher forms of life, given our unfortunate 
continuing dependence on you.

Effectively yours,


Discussion list for COMM-ORG wrote:
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> I just wanted to inform everyone of a list practice I have been using 
> for a couple of months now.
> My policy in the past has always been to contact the sender of a message 
> if I thought a message did not fit the COMM-ORG focus, and ask if the 
> sender could shape the message better.
> But an increasing number of people are subscribing COMM-ORG to their 
> lists, or sending "e-mail blasts" out to COMM-ORG along with numerous 
> other recipients. That means that I am having to look at an increasing 
> number of messages that are irrelevant to the list.  In these cases, it 
> is clear that there is no human considering whether COMM-ORG is a good 
> fit for a specific message.
> Since I don't have time to find and contact list managers, I simply 
> delete messages I don't think fit unless they come from a specific 
> individual and are not part of a mass e-mailing.  I will still always 
> contact individual authors in those cases.
> So if you do send a message and don't see it and don't hear from me, it 
> may be that I made a mistake.  Please feel welcomed to contact me in 
> those cases.
> Thanks,
> Randy Stoecker
> moderator/editor, COMM-ORG
> rstoecker at
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