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Sun Mar 9 15:41:31 CDT 2008


I just wanted to inform everyone of a list practice I have been using 
for a couple of months now.

My policy in the past has always been to contact the sender of a message 
if I thought a message did not fit the COMM-ORG focus, and ask if the 
sender could shape the message better.

But an increasing number of people are subscribing COMM-ORG to their 
lists, or sending "e-mail blasts" out to COMM-ORG along with numerous 
other recipients. That means that I am having to look at an increasing 
number of messages that are irrelevant to the list.  In these cases, it 
is clear that there is no human considering whether COMM-ORG is a good 
fit for a specific message.

Since I don't have time to find and contact list managers, I simply 
delete messages I don't think fit unless they come from a specific 
individual and are not part of a mass e-mailing.  I will still always 
contact individual authors in those cases.

So if you do send a message and don't see it and don't hear from me, it 
may be that I made a mistake.  Please feel welcomed to contact me in 
those cases.


Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG
rstoecker at

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