FCCP: Participate in a Voter Engagement Infrastructure Survey

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Tue Mar 4 19:03:09 CST 2008

From: Kathy Partridge <interfaithfunders at yahoo.com>

Hello!  This email is coming to you on behalf of the Funders' Committee 
for Civic Participation (FCCP), an affinity group for funders who 
support organizations carrying out non-partisan civic participation 
work. FCCP is conducting the following voluntary, confidential survey in 
an effort to identify common needs across organizations.  While FCCP 
believes in supporting activities that fall under the broader heading of 
non-partisan civic participation (community organizing, issue advocacy, 
voter participation), this particular survey focuses on the 
infrastructure needed to carry out certain specific voter participation 
activities, such as voter registration, voter education, and voter 
turnout work.  

Here's the link to the survey: 

We all share the common goal of increasing voter participation, but we 
realize that factors such as organizational structure, training, and 
technology can greatly impact a non-profit organization's ability to 
achieve its goals.  Perhaps through this survey we will identify common 
capacity-building and infrastructure needs that funders can help 
address, in this or future years.  Please be assured that there are no 
wrong answers.  We appreciate your willingness to communicate your needs 
to us so that we may be better partners with your organization in 
achieving your goals.  
A Note about Confidentiality:  In March 2008, FCCP staff will be 
analyzing the results of the survey and will share a report in April of 
the aggregated results with the members of the FCCP.  None of the 
answers will be attributed to a particular organization unless that 
organization gives us specific permission when answering this survey.  
We will, however, be listing the names of all the organizations who 
participated in the survey.  We hope this confidentiality provision 
encourages you to participate, and candidly!  
You can preview the questions in this survey by looking at the document 
that should have been attached to this email.  We ask questions about 
your organization's budget, finances and structure that you may want to 
research a little before getting on-line.  Also, we encourage you to ask 
your individual chapters, affiliates, partner organizations and 
colleagues who engage in voter participation work to complete the survey 
as well.

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