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Hi ,

We realize that many organizers are not too excited about going to 
technology training. Probably because you think it’s going to be dull 
and impossible to understand. Or maybe that the thought of spending days 
with geeks is more than you can bear.

That’s not what happens at a PTP training. We have fun. You’ll have fun 
-- and you’ll learn a lot. What you learn will change your organization. 
It may even change your life!

Here’s what organizers tell us:

“We want to thank you all for the technical support and training and 
just your supportive solidarity as we have gone through two major 
enhancements of our technological capacity.”

“Thank you for a wonderful week of learning. You were all fabulous 
teachers, full of respect, patience, excitement and a dedication to 
social change and community organizing”

“Please forgive for taking so long to send thanks […]. I got so much 
individual help as well as nicely paced group help for my computer needs.”

There’s just over a week before registration closes for PTP’s Community 
Organizing, Database and Planning COaTI and Scholarships are still 
available – see our scholarship info here.

What’s a COaTI? COaTI (co-AH-tea) – our Community Organizing and 
Technology Institute is PTP’s main training program, designed to 
increase your organization’s ability to use technology more effectively 
in your work.

The first COaTI covers Databases, and Technology Assessment and 
Planning. If you’re new to using a database to support your organizing 
work, or are interested in learning more about what’s possible with 
databases and how they integrate into your organizing work, this is the 
training for you. Because database work can also lead to a desire for 
improved data or technology, we’re building in a Technology Assessment 
and Planning component to this COaTI as well. You can view a sample 
agenda and get more information here.

The database COaTI kicks off our 2008 training season, but it isn’t the 
only training you can register for – go to to learn about our Voter Tech Training, 
TechCamp, and Communications COaTI.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you have. If 
you’re not sure about getting a scholarship, go ahead and register 
anyway – if it turns out you don’t receive a scholarship, cancelling 
your registration is easy.

Registration for the Community Organizing Database and Planning COaTI 
closes February 29th. Register today at

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