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[ed: here is the table of contents from James.]

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Community Development Reader Table of Contents

List of illustrations ix

Permissions xi

Acknowledgments xv

1 Communities Develop: The Question is How? 1

James DeFilippis and Susan Saegert


2 Swimming against the Tide: A Brief History of Federal Policy in Poor 
Communities 9

Alice O’Connor

3 Community Control and Development: The Long View 28

James DeFilippis

4 Community Building: New (and Old) Lessons about the Politics of 
Problem-solving in America’s Cities 36

Xavier de Souza Briggs


5 Introduction to Part II 43

James DeFilippis and Susan Saegert

6 More than Bricks and Sticks: Five Components of Community Development 
Corporation Capacity 46

Norman J. Glickman and Lisa J. Servon

7 Learning from Adversity: The CDC School of Hard Knocks 62

William M. Rohe, Rachel G. Bratt, and Protip Biswas

8 Social Housing 67

Michael E. Stone

9 Community Development Financial Institutions: Expanding Access to 
Capital in Under-served Markets 81

Lehn Benjamin, Julia Sass Rubin, and Sean Zielenbach

10 No Progress Without Protest 89

Gregory D. Squires

11 The Economic Development of Neighborhoods and Localities 92

Wim Wiewel, Michael Teitz, and Robert Giloth

12 Communities as Place, Face, and Space: Provision of Services to Poor, 
Urban Children and their Families 102

Tama Leventhal, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, and Sheila B. Kamerman

13 Community-based Organizations and Migration in New York City 111

Héctor R. Cordero-Guzmán and Victoria Quiroz-Becerra

14 Social Capital, Religious Institutions, and Poor Communities 121

Michael W. Foley, John D. McCarthy, and Mark Chaves

15 Collaborating to Reduce Poverty: Views from City Halls and 
Community-Based Organizations 131

Michael Rich, Michael Giles, and Emily Stern

16 Toward Greater Effectiveness in Community Change: Challenges and 
Responses for Philanthropy 140

Prudence Brown, Robert Chaskin, Ralph Hamilton, and Harold Richman

17 The Place of Rural Community Development in Urban Society 148

Christopher D. Merrett and Timothy Collins


18 Introduction to Part III 159

James DeFilippis and Susan Saegert

19 What Community Supplies 163

Robert J. Sampson

20 The Myth of a Purified Community 174

Richard Sennett

21 Community Organizing for Power and Democracy: Lessons Learned from a 
Life in the Trenches 181

Harold DeRienzo

22 Neighbourhood Organizing: The Importance of Historical Context 186

Robert Fisher

23 A Theology of Organizing: From Alinsky to the Modern IAF 194

Mark Warren

24 Community Organizing: An Ecological Route to Empowerment and Power 204

Paul W. Speer and Joseph Hughey

25 Community Building: Limitations and Promises 214

Bill Traynor

26 Exploring Social Capital and Civic Engagement to Create a Framework 
for Community Building 225

James B. Hyman

27 Doing Democracy Up-Close: Culture, Power, and Communication in 
Community Planning 234

Xavier de Souza Briggs

28 Community Organizing or Organizing Community? Gender and the Crafts 
of Empowerment 241

Susan Stall and Randy Stoecker

29 How Does Community Matter for Community Organizing? 249

David Micah Greenberg


30 Introduction to Part IV 261

James DeFilippis and Susan Saegert

31 Domestic Property Interests as a Seedbed for Community Action 263

John Emmeus Davis

32 Has Homeownership Been Oversold? 271

Winton Pitcoff

33 Five Faces of Oppression 276

Iris Marion Young

34 Expanding Comprehensiveness: Structural Racism and Community Building 
in the United States 286

Keith Lawrence

35 Defining Feminist Community: Place, Choice, and the Urban Politics of 
Difference 295

Judith Garber

36 The CDC Model of Urban Development: A Critique and an Alternative 303

Randy Stoecker

37 The Construction of the Local and the Limits of Contemporary 
Community Building in the United States 311

James Fraser, Jonathon Lepofsky, Edward Kick, and J. Patrick Williams

38 Strengthening the Connections between Communities and External 
Resources 319

Anne C. Kubisch, Patricia Auspos, Prudence Brown, Robert Chaskin,

Karen Fulbright-Anderson, and Ralph Hamilton

39 Conclusion 327

James DeFilippis and Susan Saegert

Index 333

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>> Roundtable on Community Change
>> First Thursdays
>> Please Join Us to Celebrate the Publication of The Community Development 
>> Reader
>> edited by James DeFilippis & Susan Saegert
>> The Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change invites you to join 
>> us on the first Thursday of every month for a casual but informative 
>> gathering of friends and colleagues in the urban affairs and community 
>> change fields.  First Thursdays will provide the opportunity to learn 
>> about new developments in research, policy issues, programs, 
>> interventions, and the like, and also to meet and greet your friends and 
>> colleagues in the field for some informal exchange.  Our inaugural First 
>> Thursday will be held on February 7th from 5-7PM at the Roundtable's 
>> office at 281 Park Avenue South (between 21st and 22nd Streets).  We 
>> will showcase and discuss the newly published Community Development 
>> Reader, edited by James DeFilippis and Susan Saegert:
>> Wine and refreshments will be served.
>> Please R.S.V.P. to Ivett Colon-Leon by phone at 212-677-5510 x21 or by 
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