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"Organizing Communities across Boundaries": Register Now!
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An Organizing Teach-in sponsored by the Midwest Social Forum

MARCH 28-30, 2008
Wonderland Camp and Conference Center
Camp Lake, Wisconsin (near Kenosha)

This weekend-long organizing teach-in will develop collaborative 
relationships and  teach organizing skills, strategies, and tactics 
needed to break out of the "silos" that segment the social justice movement.

Workshops include:
*An Introduction to Community Organizing: The Basics
*Direct Action Training
*Developing Leaders for the Long Haul
*Money and Organizing in Social Movements
*Student Power! Democratizing Your Campus
*Antiracist Movement Building in the Era of Neo-liberalism
*Developing Strategies for Organizing across Communities for Immigrant 
*Building a Queer Left in the Midwest
*Conflict Resolution Training
*Hustling for Change: Youth Organizing
*Facilitation 101
*Strategic Campaign Planning

The Teach-in is a follow-up to the United States and Midwest Social 
Forums for Midwest-based grassroots organizations, activists and 
students. The event seeks to strengthen regional organizing networks and 
their interconnections and to provide valuable training in certain key 
aspects of organizing. A primary focus will be on the challenges of 
building broad-based coalitions across race, gender, class, age, sexual 
orientation, ability, issues, and other sources of division within the 
movement. Organizers from novice to veteran are welcome, with different 
workshops geared to people with different levels of experience.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to build connections with other 
groups struggling for social change and to learn from some of the top 
organizing training groups in the country.

Training provided by, among others:
*Campaign against Violence
*Coalition of African, Arab, Asian, European and Latino Immigrants of 
*First Wave Spoken Word & Urban Arts Learning Community
*Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
*Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution
*Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
*National Training and Information Center
*Ruckus Society
*Unidos Against Domestic Violence
*Urban Underground

*Immigrant Rights
*Environmental Justice
*College Students
Join trainers Isabel Andadon, Julie Andersen, DeAngelo Bester, Rose 
Brewer, Adrienne Maree Brown, Kari Carney, David Crowley, Muhibb Dyer, 
George Friday, Taylour Johnson, Ashok Kumar, Lili Molina, Kwabena Nixon, 
Carlos Rios, Aaron Schutz, Kim Wasserman and others for a weekend of 
movement building and fun.

The Details:

MARCH 28-30, 2008

Wonderland Camp and Conference Center
Camp Lake, Wisconsin (near Kenosha)

Register now at www.mwsocialforum.org
Capacity is limited

More information on program and registration available at 

Contact: info at mwsocialforum.org or 608-262-0854

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