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The Women & Girls Collective Action Network is hiring a full time youth 
organizer to work with Females United for Action (FUFA).  FUFA is a 
citywide young women's organizing coalition that is addressing issues of 
media justice and violence against women & girls.  Below is the full 



The Women & Girls Collective Action Network is a center for 
consciousness-raising, training, dialogue and action around issues that 
matter to women and girls. We strengthen connections across communities 
to promote collective action. We provide resources and support to create 
safe spaces for girls and women to develop as leaders, learn from one 
another, and take action to promote social justice.

     Women & Girls CAN has two initiatives: a Community Accountability 
Project, that works to develop innovative strategies to end violence 
against women and girls; and Females United for Action (FUFA), a 
citywide young women's coalition that is addressing issues of violence 
against women and media justice.  Information about all of our work is 
available on our website, at

     We are seeking a full time organizer to work with FUFA.



     FUFA is, in the words of the young women who formed it, "a 
coalition of young women leaders that is dedicated to educate not only 
ourselves, but others as well, on issues that affect women and girls. We 
organize to bring attention to the issues and take action to address 
them.  FUFA is formed by girls and young women from all over the city of 
Chicago, from all backgrounds & nationalities, ranging from 12 years of 
age & up."  FUFA brings together organizational partners and individual 
young women.

     FUFA's model combines analysis and action.  FUFA members are most 
concerned with the issue of violence against women and girls, and are 
organizing to address the root causes of violence.  Working together, 
FUFA developed the following problem statement, which guides our work: 
"FUFA is concerned about the way that women and girls are portrayed in 
the media.  We feel that there are too many negative images of women and 
girls, and that these images are tied to sexual exploitation and 
violence against women.  We understand that society creates the 
structure in which these forms of violence take place, and that the 
media has a large role in that process.  We recognize that too many 
people accept media power and media images without challenging them, and 
that the media is not held responsible for its actions.  FUFA has 
identified 3 issues in response:

1.     To create more positive images of women in the media

2.     To educate the public about these problems, encouraging people to 
think and act about the media

3.     To make media more responsible for the images it puts out

FUFA's work has included:

§         A successful campaign to hold the radio station La Ley 
accountability for its offensive "25 pegaditas" campaign

§         Testifying before the Federal Communications Commission on 
media ownership and media portrayals of young women of color

§         Working with a group of young men to develop a traveling photo 
exhibit, to show positive images of men and owmen that do not appear in 
mainstream media.

§         Public education through press outreach, spoken word events, 
conferences, workshops and presentations citywide

§         Development of a "Media Justice Training Institute", with 
opportunities for youth to learn about media ownership, creating media, 
how media portrays marginalized communities, and how to take action.



Job Responsibilities:

§         Organizing and coordinating monthly Action Team meetings and 
trainings, smaller planning meetings, and public events, in keeping with 
the FUFA model of analysis and action

§         Engaging in organizing campaigns around FUFA's goal of 
fighting violence against women.  Developing organizing campaigns around 
media justice as it relates to violence against women, including press 
work, research, citywide events and coordinated actions.

§         Conducting outreach to schools and potential partner 
organizations, and community-building for current FUFA member 
organizations and individuals

§         Encouraging youth to build leadership skills, through training 
and action.  Conducting trainings and making arrangements for outside 
trainers and FUFA members around leadership skills, identity and social 
justice analysis.

§         Developing communications for FUFA, including newsletter 
articles & coordinating of listserv

§         Coordinating speaking opportunities for FUFA; helping FUFA 
members make arrangements and prepare to speak at events and provide 
trainings for other groups

§         Continuing to build our partnership with young men to dialogue 
about media and gender, & take collective action, including coordinating 
events around the Alternative Windows photo exhibit

§         Partnering with other nonprofits; maintaining relationships 
with other groups

§         Supervising and assisting FUFA interns on concrete projects, 
including research and presentations



§         Non-judgmental and open attitude.  Must be open to working on 
an equal level with people without regard to differences based on race, 
sexuality, ability or age.

§         Good communication skills

§         Willingness to have young people take the lead.  FUFA is a 
youth-driven project, and we are looking for someone to work in 
partnership with young people.  The candidate must be ready to help 
motivate youth, while also creating systems of accountability.

§         Flexibility and willingness to change in response to youth 
needs and changes in the field of media justice

§         Understanding and analysis of the systemic causes of violence 
against women and girls

§         Ability to challenge historical problems and traditional 
solutions around violence against women and media, and work toward 
finding creative and just solutions.

§         Excellent planning and organizational skills and ability to 
work as part of a team

§         Excellent writing, public speaking and facilitation skills

§         Ability to work flexible hours, including some evenings and 

§         Commitment to and passion for social justice and the mission 
of Females United for Action.

§         Previous organizing experience and experience working with 
youth strongly recommended

§         Background in media justice is helpful

§         Ability to speak Spanish and access to a reliable car are helpful


Hours and salary: This is a full time position, with a salary of $28,000 
- $32,000 depending on experience.  While this is designed as a full 
time position, we are open to considering applicants who apply as a team 
for job-sharing.    We offer training and professional development 
opportunities, a supportive work environment, and a generous benefits 


How to apply: Please send your resume & cover letter to 
fufahiring at, or by mail to Melissa Spatz, Director of Women & 
Girls CAN, 11 E. Adams, suite 902, Chicago, IL 60603.  The deadline for 
applications is March 3, 2008.


Women & Girls CAN is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not 
discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, age, ethnicity, 
national origin, sexual orientation, religion, HIV serostatus, 
disability, or marital status.

Melissa Spatz, Director
Women & Girls CAN
11 E Adams, suite 902
Chicago, IL 60603

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