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University of the Wild presents

The Ecological Living Project

June-August 2008

Imagine being in charge of your learning

Imagine learning through direct experience

Imagine wise elders walking alongside you

Imagine a community of seekers to share the journey

Imagine the feel of sacred land moving through you

This is the call of the Ecological Living Project

Come laugh, cry, sing and play with us as we experience a new way of 
being in the world

The Ecological Living Project is a cutting-edge program in sustainable 
living. For 3 months, 10-12 participants will live in community, 
exploring what it means to live with the earth. Mentors and specialists 
will guide the process, helping participants find their inner wisdom and 
the skills to live in balance. We are re-defining learning to put 
learners back in the driver's seat.

Grow your own food, cleanse in a Sweat Lodge, trek through wilderness 
lands, sit in council with your community, harvest wild foods, build 
solar showers, dance around the sacred fire circle – these are but a few 
of the possibilities; the path is yours to create.

University of the Wild is just starting to take flight - get involved in 
its pilot program and be a part of creating this extraordinary vision!

For more details visit

Or contact Nika Fotopulos at nika at

39 Glasheen Road, Petersham, Massachusetts, 01366 p. 978 724-3448

Wild Earth Intensive - Wisdom of our Hearts, Wisdom of the Land

10 Days to Walk in a Sacred Way...

Sacred Earth Network (SEN) is collaborating with the Ecological Living 
Project (ELP) to run a transformational 10-day intensive, which opens 
their summer program. This highly experiential intensive will introduce 
participants to the core of what it means to live a sustainable, 
balanced and joyful life. The Wild Earth Intensive was created in 
response to the question: Now that we understand the severe limitations 
of the dominant paradigm, how do we reconstruct a worldview that works 
for all beings?

SEN founder Bill Pfeiffer, the lead facilitator for the Intensive, was 
so inspired by this question that he designed a 10-day experience that 
would shift participants' experience of the world. He will help guide 
participants in accessing their inner wisdom to connect more deeply with 
self, community and the land. Other facilitators will complement him to 
bring a diversity of wisdom to the circle.

Areas of focus include:

* Listening to each other
* Feeling pain & grief
* Play, movement & exercise
* Immersion in the natural world
* Telling Stories
* Shifting Consciousness
* Art & Music

dates: June 4th - 13th 2008
For more details visit:

Nika Fotopulos-Voeikoff
Project Director
Ecological Living Project
39 Glasheen Road
Petersham, MA
p.978 724-3448

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