query: training materials for parent organizing for school change

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[ed:  thanks to Barbara and Chris  for replying to Naomi's query.]

From: Bjbowen6 at aol.com

You might try contacting Leigh Dingerson at the Center for Community 
Change. Her email is ldingerson at communitychange.org and you can google 
for the phone number there.  She has been working with groups across the 
country re:  education and school issues and has produced some materials.
Good luck!
Best,  Barbara Bowen
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From: "Chris Cavanagh" <story at web.ca>

i recommend having a look at People for Education here in Toronto. 
They've been quite successful in keeping public attention on education 
reform. The E.D./Founder Annie Kidder is a well-recognized 
activist/critic often quoted/featured in the mass media. I've always 
wanted to look more closely at their curricula but have yet to find the 
time.  Most of my activist efforts are in sectors other than education. 
But i'm curious about what's behind their success vis a vis the way that 
they "engage.. people to become active".

good luck


> [ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with responses to Naomi's 
> query.  A bit from me below.]
> From: Naomi Milstein <nmilstei at yahoo.com>
> Hello Co-listers,
> I'm a community advocacy coordinator in Indianapolis working with 
> parents and students to organize for school reform.  I'm helping to put 
> together a curriculum focused on tools/resources/strategies to 
> strengthen parent organizing for school change. It would be for a 
> training for parents new to organizing.
> Does anyone have similar curricula that you would be willing to share? 
> Or do you know of other resources or organizations I could contact to 
> gain insight on putting this curriculum together?
> Thanks so much!!
> Naomi
> [ed:  the COMM-ORG training page, http://comm-org.wisc.edu/train.htm, 
> and the education organizing page, http://comm-org.wisc.edu/ed.htm, may 
> have useful materials.]
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