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Dear Colleagues:

We have created a short e-survey designed to understand the use and 
effectiveness of Geographic Information Systems that support public 
participation, an emerging field of study known as PPGIS (Public 
Participation Geographic Information Systems). This e-survey is part of 
research conducted by faculty and students at Hunter College of the City 
University of New York (Hunter).

Our research seeks to examine how PPGIS is applied in a variety of 
contexts to support and facilitate public participation. One of our main 
goals in this research is to understand who employs this technology and 
the degree to which it fosters citizen involvement in public processes 
and deliberations.

Members of the community development and community organizing fields, 
especially those who work with GIS or engage in community mapping and 
data collection processes, may find this survey relevant, as your 
responses can help us understand the benefits and limits of PPGIS 
technology.  It can be completed anonymously, and should take about 10 
minutes to complete. We are hosting the survey through, 
a well-known online data collection service. Of course, your 
participation is completely voluntary.

The link to this survey is:

Kindly forward this message to your colleagues as appropriate.

We thank you, in advance for your time.

Best regards,

Dr. Laxmi Ramasubramanian
Associate Professor
Hunter College, Department of Urban Affairs and Planning
695 Park Avenue, 1616A HW
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212-772-5594
Email: laxmi at

Richard Amanna
Graduate Research Assistant
Hunter College, Department of Urban Affairs and Planning
Email: Richard.amanna at

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