query: training materials for parent organizing for school change

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Thu Feb 7 09:30:11 CST 2008

[ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with responses to Naomi's 
query.  A bit from me below.]

From: Naomi Milstein <nmilstei at yahoo.com>

Hello Co-listers,
I'm a community advocacy coordinator in Indianapolis working with 
parents and students to organize for school reform.  I'm helping to put 
together a curriculum focused on tools/resources/strategies to 
strengthen parent organizing for school change. It would be for a 
training for parents new to organizing.
Does anyone have similar curricula that you would be willing to share? 
Or do you know of other resources or organizations I could contact to 
gain insight on putting this curriculum together?
Thanks so much!!

[ed:  the COMM-ORG training page, http://comm-org.wisc.edu/train.htm, 
and the education organizing page, http://comm-org.wisc.edu/ed.htm, may 
have useful materials.]

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