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Sun Feb 3 11:58:24 CST 2008

[ed:  thanks to Chris for responding to Nadine's query.]

From: "Chris Cavanagh" <story at web.ca>

Hi, Nadine,

chris cavanagh here from the Catalyst Centre in Toronto. We're a popular 
education worker co-op and non-profit, to boot.

I'll send you a copy of our staff policies which we took a year to 
craft. It doesn't include exactly what you list as your need. But i 
think you might appreciate the plain language we used. At least it's as 
plain as we could make it in the spirit of sustaining a democratic 
collective. I'll send this directly to your e-mail.



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> From: Nadine <anacaona at gmail.com>
> Hell Colist!
> I've been given the joyful task of writing up a few policies for the
> non-profit where I work (a social justice and community organizing NGO
> based in Montreal) and I was wondering if any folks on the list have
> such documents that are written in clear language, but not the
> slightly intimidating legalese that bigger instutions like
> universities use.
> So, what I'm working on:
> - computer usage policy
> - confidentiality agreements
>    - one for people who submit their contact info to our mailing list
>    - one for employees, board members, activists who access the mailing list
> - policy on fundraising and gifts (ie: who we will or won't accept
> funding or donations from).
> I have a few basic ideas but its the wording that's a bit out of my
> scope, so I would be very grateful if folks have any models I could
> use as a starting point.
> Nadine
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