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From: Nadine <anacaona at gmail.com>

Hell Colist!

I've been given the joyful task of writing up a few policies for the
non-profit where I work (a social justice and community organizing NGO
based in Montreal) and I was wondering if any folks on the list have
such documents that are written in clear language, but not the
slightly intimidating legalese that bigger instutions like
universities use.

So, what I'm working on:
- computer usage policy
- confidentiality agreements
   - one for people who submit their contact info to our mailing list
   - one for employees, board members, activists who access the mailing list
- policy on fundraising and gifts (ie: who we will or won't accept
funding or donations from).

I have a few basic ideas but its the wording that's a bit out of my
scope, so I would be very grateful if folks have any models I could
use as a starting point.


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