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"Warren Nelson" <wnelson at nhsbaltimore.com>

A coalition is generally organized by a particular group and that group
generally runs the coalition and, coalitions are generally organized for
a particular purpose.  On the other hand, partnerships are generally
equal in their relationships and there is mutual agreement. For example,
here in Baltimore, MD there is a Coalition Against the Baltimore Gas &
Electric Rate Hike.  An organization organized the coalition to add
numbers and other organizations.  Whereas, Neighborhood Housing Services
of Baltimore has partnerships with banks, other housing organizations
and the city gov't itself.  Sometimes NHS works alone & sometimes they
work with partners.  There are things NHS does that the partners don't
do and referrals are made to the partner(s) and vice-versa.  Hope that's


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> From:     anil kumar <kevboy_anil at yahoo.com>
> Hi,
> i am a graduate student in Public Health and i am in Community 
> Organizing class and doing a project in this class. One of the 
> assignments in this class asked specifically about the structural or 
> functional differences between the "coalitions and partnerships and 
> their role in community organizing". I couldn't find any source which 
> specifically  differentiates these two, hence i thought you people might 
> be of some help. Reason being i always visit this discussion thread and 
> found some useful stuff over here for my class.
> Thank you in advance.
> kevboy.
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