query: difference between coalitions and partnerships

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From:  "David Chavis" <DChavis at capablecommunity.com>

Coalitions and partnerships are generally treated in research and
practice literature as the same, a form of collaboration collaborations.
There are no uniform uses of these terms. I believe it is largely a
matter of connotation for most groups.


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> From:     anil kumar <kevboy_anil at yahoo.com>
> Hi,
> i am a graduate student in Public Health and i am in Community 
> Organizing class and doing a project in this class. One of the 
> assignments in this class asked specifically about the structural or 
> functional differences between the "coalitions and partnerships and 
> their role in community organizing". I couldn't find any source which 
> specifically  differentiates these two, hence i thought you people might 
> be of some help. Reason being i always visit this discussion thread and 
> found some useful stuff over here for my class.
> Thank you in advance.
> kevboy.
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