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Funding for Research that Supports Social Change

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation provides grants of $5,000 to $15,000
to support research that supports social change.

The Foundation specifically supports research that focuses on:
    *    Clear social policy objectives
    *    Institutional and educational practices
    *    Legislative and regulatory changes
    *    Organizing previously unorganized groups
    *    Building collective community capacity and/or power (such as 
expanding membership base)
    *    Linguistic issues, such as literacy, language maintenance and 
expansion, multilingualism and its implications, and their possible 
intersection with social and policy issues.

The Foundation supports projects that address institutional rather than
individual or behavioral change and/or research and initiatives that provide
insight into sociological and linguistic issues that may be useful to
specific groups and/or communities.  It supports projects that have an
explicit research design and a concrete connection to public or community
impact.  The research should ideally build an organization or constituency's
potential to expand public knowledge, impact policy, and create social
change.  Complete guidelines and on-line concept application for the August
15, 2007 deadline are available at < > . Contact
Prentice Zinn at pzinn at or 617-426-7080x307.

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