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We are expanding at Public Citizen, and hiring a new Senior Organizer to 
come and join our field operations.

I've pasted below the formal job description, but before you read that, 
I figured I would list off what I see as the key reasons that you (or 
someone you know) would want to come and work with us:

$$ - Because trade policy is like the political war of the worlds -- 
with every single mega-multinational corporation on one side, and every 
labor union, environmental, civil rights, human rights, small farm, etc. 
etc. etc. group (from every country in the world) on the other side, and 
the future of the global economy & the global environment in the balance.

$$ - Because George Bush just lost his "Fast Track" trade negotiating 
authority, and that means that we have an historic opportunity to change 
the rules by which trade agreements (like NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, etc) are 
negotiated. "He/She who writes the rules, rules"

$$ - Because Bush is asking for more Fast Track authority to expand the 
WTO and push further NAFTA expansion

$$ - Because this upcoming vicious trade fight is about to play out just 
as the 2008 presidential primary campaign heats up...right after the 
2006 elections delivered us a fair trade mandate:

$$ - Because movies ( can't be the 
only way we keep the legacy of the Battle in Seattle alive!

$$ - Because of this? (

Despite the above tongue-in-cheek references, this is a very serious 
job. We're looking for someone with significant organizing experience -- 
and ideally some good management experience as well. Experience working 
in primary states, experience with the labor movement, and Spanish 
language fluency are pluses.

We will be juggling a lot of activites here -- from bird-dogging 
activities in the primary states, to training grassroots lobbyists on 
upcoming legislative fights on NAFTA expansions to Peru&Colombia and 
Fast Track, to coordinating w/allies in South America and around the 
world. The ideal person for the job would be versatile and interested in 
(at least most of) the many facets of this work.

Salary would be $35-45K DOE.

Please let me know if you - or someone you know - might be right for 
this job.



David Edeli
Field Director
Global Trade Watch
Public Citizen
Washington, DC
(202) 454-5111


JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Senior Field Organizer
Public Citizen: Public Citizen is a national, nonprofit consumer 
advocacy organization founded in 1971 to represent consumer interests in 
Congress, the executive branch and the courts. We fight for openness and 
democratic accountability in government, for the right of consumers to 
seek redress in the courts; for clean, safe and sustainable energy 
sources; for social and economic justice in trade policies; for strong 
health, safety and environmental protections; and for safe, effective 
and affordable prescription drugs and health care. We have six divisions 
based in our Washington, DC offices and an office in Texas. For more 
information, see our website:

Global Trade Watch: Global Trade Watch (GTW), a division of Public 
Citizen, promotes democracy by challenging corporate globalization, 
arguing that the current globalization model is neither a random 
inevitability nor “free trade.” Our work seeks to make the measurable 
outcomes of this model accessible to the public, press, and 
policy-makers, while emphasizing that if the results are not acceptable, 
then the model can and must be changed or replaced. GTW works on an 
array of globalization issues, including health and safety, 
environmental protection, economic justice, and democratic, accountable 
governance. For more information, please see our website: or

Senior Field Organizer: Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division is 
seeking to hire a Senior Field Organizer, effective immediately. The 
Senior Field Organizer is supervised by the Field Director. The 
organizer helps to develop and implement grassroots strategies and 
campaigns to support Public Citizen’s legislative initiatives in 
targeted states and regions domestically. In the short term, this 
position will specifically focus on the once-in-a-decade opportunity to 
stop the failed “Fast Track” policymaking mechanism from being renewed, 
and then replace it with a democratic, transparent procedure for 
developing a new trade policy for the United States. This position 
includes close collaboration with the Citizens Trade Campaign (CTC), a 
national coalition of which Public Citizen is a founding board member, 
as well as with other national, state, and local allied groups nationwide.

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Work with the Field Director and the rest of the GTW team along with 
the CTC to plan, develop and implement public education and issue 
advocacy campaigns.
2. Phone, e-mail and other communication, as well as occasional travel 
to target states in the U.S. to develop and carry out grassroots 
organizing and coalition building with individuals and organizations.
3. Work with local activists to implement state and local media 
strategies, including free and earned media events, media contacts, 
editorial mailings, talk radio alerts, and op-ed placement.
4. Preparation of organizing materials, issue updates, action alerts, 
and media materials needed to implement issue campaigns in coordination 
with Field Director.
5. Respond to information requests and serve as general point of contact 
for local activists in assigned states and for international allies in 
specific countries as assigned.
6. Monitor developments in negotiations of international agreements as 
7. Maintain and provide content for relevant listserves.
8. Provide administrative support as needed.
9. Assist in maintaining a national database of activists, organizations 
and key contacts.
10. Other duties as assigned.

1. Education: College degree preferred. Organizer training (Green Corps, 
Midwest Academy, etc.) preferred.
2. Knowledge: Familiarity with globalization issues, labor unions and 
other civil society organizations and congressional procedures.
3. Work Experience: At least three years of strategic advocacy and 
organizing and/or electoral experience at the state, national or 
international level.
4. Skills: Excellent written and oral communication skills; good 
motivational and interpersonal skills; well organized; good computer 
skills; bilingual Spanish-English preferred.
5. Capabilities: Ability to work well with a wide range of people; to 
work independently as well as in coalition; to work well under pressure; 
and to adapt to changing situations on a daily basis.
6. Conditions: Long hours possible when Congress is in session; some 
travel required.
7. Commitment: Minimum two years.

Public Citizen is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, 
LBGT candidates are encouraged to apply. Public Citizen employees are 
proud members of SEIU Local 500.

To apply: Please send a cover letter, resume and writing sample to 
applicant at or Human Resources, Public Citizen, 1600 20th St., 
NW, Washington, DC 20009. No phone calls.

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