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Just Associates announces the reprinting of A New Weave of Power, People 
& Politics: The Action Guide for Advocacy and Citizen Participation by 
Lisa VeneKlasen with Valerie Miller. Available from Stylus Publishing, 
LLC. ( and 
Practical Action Publishing
A New Weave of Power, People & Politics provides a well-tested approach 
for building people's citizen participation and collective power that 
goes beyond influencing policy and politics to transforming public 
decision-making altogether.  A New Weave combines concrete and practical 
action "steps" with a sound theoretical foundation to help users 
understand the process of people-centered politics from planning to 
action. Published in 2002 and reprinted in 2007, the guide is unique in 
its emphasis on power and constituency-building discussed through the 
lens of gender/race/class and based on the concrete experiences of 
social change in dozens of countries worldwide.
For more information visit

Ana Luisa Ahern
Just Associates
202-232-1211 x 265
ana.ahern at

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