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Sun Jul 8 09:39:29 CDT 2007

From: Windy Cooler-Stith <windy_coolerstith at>

Please forward to people you know would be interested:

Prewitt Organizing Fund (POF) is looking to hire part-time researchers 
and writers from all over the country - from all sorts of backgrounds: 
academic, legal, media, and organizing. We need thoughtful, competent 
and dependable people for vital support in union organizing campaigns, 
NGO and non-profit efforts. Applicant must have a computer of her own 
and be proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite.

The hourly pay is excellent and is experience based. The work is from 
home; this is ideal for students, stay at home parents, freelancers, and 
moonlighters. Some training and guidance is available on the job. Often, 
one can, at one's own preference, work as little as 5-10 hours a week 
for several weeks, or in some cases, work as much as 40 for several 
weeks. Researchers always have the ability to opt out of projects in 

This is project based employment, not meant to be a person's sole source 
of income. It is not regular enough to become dependent on the income at 
this moment. POF is growing rapidly, however, and the periods of being 
offered employment are becoming more predictable for our best people -- 
and as a means of doing great and meaningful work, building one's 
resume, making extra income, and building new relationships inside the 
labor movement, this is an unbeatable opportunity.

If you are interested in dialoging about what opportunities you might 
have at POF, please write to Windy Cooler-Stith at WCStith at 
Enclose a resume and explain your interest, skills, and availability in 
the text of your email.

This is a really very exciting time to be a part of organized labor. And 
this is a great time to join POF. We hope to talk to you soon.

We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom.

~Stephen Vincent Benét

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