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From: "David Chavis" <DChavis at capablecommunity.com>

A question near and dear to my heart since my dissertation was also
based on studies of block associations:

Here is quickly some of the work I did with colleagues in New York City
on block organizations:

Perkins, D., Florin P., Rich, R., Wandersman, A., & Chavis, D. M.
(1990).  Crime and the social and physical environments of residential
blocks: The context of citizen participation.  American Journal of
Community Psychology, 18 83-115. 

Prestby, J. Wandersman, A., Florin, P., Rich R., & Chavis, D. M.
(1990).  Benefits, costs, incentives management and participation in
voluntary associations. American Journal of Community Psychology 18,

Clark, H., Chavis, D. M., & Glunt, E. (1988).  The 1988 state of the
neighborhood report. New York: Citizens Committee for New York City.

Chavis, D. M., & Wandersman, A. (1986). Roles for research and the
researcher in neighborhood development.  In R. B. Taylor (Ed.), Urban
neighborhoods:  Research and policy.  New York: Praeger, 215-249.

Perkins, D. D., Chavis, D. M., Florin, P., Rich, R. C., & Wandersman, A.
(1985).  Blocking crime with block associations. Citizens Participation,
6, (3) 18-9.

Wandersman, A., Florin, P., Chavis, D. M., Rich, R., & Prestby, J.
(1985).  Getting together and getting things done.  Psychology Today, 19
(11), 64-71.

A great resource may be the Citzens for New York (formally the Citizens
Committee for New York City). They organized thousands of these groups
starting in the mid 1970's. They had many publications and archived all
sorts of medai coverage on block clubs/associations/organizations. I
worked there from 1984-1988.

Good luck


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> From: Amanda Seligman <seligman at uwm.edu>
> Dear Colleagues
> For an article on the history of block clubs, I am in search of
> secondary scholarship.  While I have collected many references to block
> clubs in other books--references of a page or so at most--the only
> extended description or analysis of block clubs that I have found is
> chapter 6 of Sylvia Hood Washington's PACKING THEM IN:  AN ARCHAEOLOGY
> OF ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM IN CHICAGO, 1865-1954 (Lexington Books, 2005).
> Searches of scholarly databases are coming up null.  Can anyone
> recommend any scholarship on block clubs, especially extended
> descriptions in books or chapters in anthologies that would not be
> indexed by the standard databases?
> Thank you for any help you can give in this matter.
> Amanda

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